Whistler Home Services knows how important and yet how difficult it is to find a reliable cleaner and professional residential cleaning service for your home. We recognize that every customer has different expectations about how they want their home cleaned. Not only does Whistler Home Services provide a high quality cleaning team for your home’s cleaning needs, we listen to you !. Whether you are looking for a weekly, monthly or one-time clean, we are able to customize our cleaning service to your requirements as we recognize that every home is unique just as every homeowner is unique. That’s why Whistler Home Services has built such a loyal base of regular customers and receive testimonials from so many clients.

Rental Property

Whistler Home Services is able to provide the best possible cleaning service for all types of rental properties, from studios to 7 bedroom homes. We can provide both scheduled and emergency cleaning services. Whistler Home Services can accommodate every need of rental clients and property owners so that they can rest assured with peace of mind, trust in the services we provide. Every contract is custom tailored to the requirements of the property owner or management company. We provide a 24-hour, 7 days a week, cleaning service that includes:

  • General and mid-stay cleans
  • Provide all amenities such as personal soaps, shampoo & conditioners if required
  • Code changes to door locks after each clean if required
  • Specific cleaning requests from property owners


Whistler Home Services is able to provide cleaning services for, strata, office or retail properties, we meet each of our clients’ unique cleaning service needs in a responsive and skilled manner so that you never have to worry about your commercial cleaning service when you deal with Whistler Home Services. We are attentive to detail and treat your business, strata and office cleaning with personal care because we want your staff and your customers to appreciate that we’re looking after their environment. That’s the difference Whistler Home Services brings to your commercial cleaning, strata unit cleaning service. Our cleaners are flexible enough to accommodate your operating schedules and we are a very communicative group so special requests are properly looked after.


Whistler Home Services is able to provide the best possible cleaning service for post construction or renovation clean-up. After the dust settles, you can trust Whistler Home Services to bring out the brilliance and shine in your building project. Whistler Home Services has worked on many post construction / renovation clean-ups, we know that you want to get the owners into their residences as soon as possible once the construction / renovation is finished. We also know all about the dirt and debris that is left behind, and we are fully equipped to meet and exceed the high standard clean-up services required on your site.


At Whistler Home Services, we understand that not every homeowner wants to rent out his or her property for vacations. We have numerous clients that want to keep their home for just friends and family, therefore being able to use the property when they want at a moment’s notice. This is where our caretaking services come in. We will treat your vacation property as if it were our own, keeping a watchful eye on it year-round. The winter weather in Whistler is great for outdoor sports but can be hard on a home if left unchecked. We see all sorts of things here that if not addressed can become expensive problems. Power outages, snow issues, and pests are just a few areas of concern. Ice dams and snow load can cause moisture problems which will allow mold to grow within 24 to 48 hours, thus turning your vacation home for relaxation into an overnight source of stress. With Whistler Home Services looking.