Whistler Home Services offers Caretaking Services for homeowners who prefer to keep their home vacant and available for use at any time. This program is also ideal for owners who have property listed for sale and want to keep it in tip-top showing condition.

At Whistler Home Services, we understand that not every homeowner wants to rent out his or her property for vacations. We have numerous clients that want to keep their home for just friends and family, therefore being able to use the property when they want at a moment’s notice. This is where our caretaking services come in. We will treat your vacation property as if it were our own, keeping a watchful eye on it year-round. The winter weather in Whistler is great for outdoor sports but can be hard on a home if left unchecked. We see all sorts of things here that if not addressed can become expensive problems. Power outages, snow issues, and pests are just a few areas of concern. Ice dams and snow load can cause moisture problems which will allow mold to grow within 24 to 48 hours, thus turning your vacation home for relaxation into an overnight source of stress. With Whistler Home Services looking after your investment, you are assured that if something were to happen, it will be discovered quickly, instead of weeks or months later. The key to most problems is prevention, and having our detail-oriented personnel looking after your property is the first step to enjoying your vacation home. Leave the worries of maintenance and home checks to us, because at Whistler Home Services, we are committed to providing exceptional services for reasonable rates.

Take the work and worry out of owning your vacation home or seasonal residence, and spend more time enjoying it!. Under our customized caretaking services plan, your home receives the following:

Our Caretaking Services include:

We check your property at least once a week (or more frequently if you desire) and go through our extensive check list of items paying attention to the smallest details. Any problems or suggestions will be reported directly to you in a timely manner. In your monthly report you receive a copy of the check lists and items addressed.

Housekeeping Services:

At Whistler Home Services we are extremely picky. We feel as though a clean home is a comfortable home and we go to great lengths to provide it. Our cleaning staff can tailor a program for your home no matter the request. Cleaning behind furniture, scrubbing floors, wiping down baseboards is only part of our normal clean. In fact, what other cleaning services consider clean is only the start of what we do. Our cleaning services can be scheduled as often as you like or only when needed. Don’t worry about picking up after your stay, our cleaning staff will take care of the dirty work giving you peace of mind.

Coordination of All Service and Maintenance:

We perform most maintenance work with our staff (snow removal, cleaning, landscaping, etc.). Should a subcontractor need to be called in for a specialty item such as plumbing or electrical, we work with a few trusted companies that provide the best service at the best price. All services are subject to Whistler Home Services billing rates.

Check Owner’s Guests In and Out:

Family and friends staying in your home receive the same attention as our vacation rental guests. You can rest assured we will treat your guests like family and tend to their needs while in your home.

Home Prep and Season Opening:

Let us know before you come to town. Your home will be ready to go with the temperature settings to your liking and appropriate lighting on if you arrive after dark. We can even stock the fridge with your favorite foods before you arrive. If you choose to only visit for summer or winter we can do a season opening on the house with a deep clean to prepare for your arrival.

Free Delivery of Packages:

We can deliver any package of a manageable size to your home during our scheduled walk-through for no charge. If you have larger items such as furniture being delivered, let us know, and we can handle the arrangements.

Holiday Packages:

Since Whistler is a winter wonderland, many of clients choose to spend the holidays here. Let us prepare your home for the holidays. We can put up the Christmas tree and handle the outdoor lights. You can even ship the gifts ahead of time and have them waiting under the tree, thus leaving you more time to spend with your family.

Airport Delivery of Your Vehicle:

Quite a few of our homeowners keep a vehicle at their vacation home. We can deliver your vehicle to the airport in Vancouver ready for your arrival, or bring it back to your home upon departure. In addition, washing and maintenance on the vehicle can all be arranged.

This is only a small portion of the services we offer. Each home and client is unique so we tailor each program to the individual. If there’s a special request you have when it comes to your home, please don’t hesitate to ask. Your satisfaction is what drives our success.

To learn more about our Caretaking Services in and around Whistler, please call (604) 698-7653, or send us an email.